May 11, 2009

I miss you

It's a hard road,
Knowing I'll never see you again.

It was only a dream to think,
You felt the same as me.

Every moment spent with you,
Was just another dream come true.

I never forgot about you,
I'm just started living again.

I ran from the truth,
When it was right in front of me all along.

It was the best thing when I met you,
But saying goodbye was the hardest yet.

I'm not good enuff

Obviously, I'm not good enough for you I apologize,
I say I'm sorry
You say that it's not true
I don't know what to do, to make you stay with me I tried so hard,
I tried to open your eyes, make you see
But you push me away, you tell me to leave
I made a mistake I regret, and I'm craving for you to comeback

May 10, 2009

Why is it SO hard to move on?

my heart's sinking. my soul is lost.
trying so hard to accept the fact that I'm nobody now. losing my other half; it have never crossed in my mind that it will be happening this sudden. and it hurt just to see even a small things can make me remember him.

It's hard not to cry. I missed his smell. his laugh.

Okay. enuff of this shit. ka, my mind is sumwherelse now. i can't write anything.


April 30, 2009

chicken shit

balls! hang over. it sucks. i know. I'm not feeling well now.

(drafted on 30th of April, published on 11th of May)

October 30, 2008

It's hard 2 forget someone u love

My crazy life had ended. just because of one guy. that I'm head over heels with. Somehow I feel it's a good thing and sometimes I feel it's a bad thing that I'm losing my true me. myself.

I'm depressed all of the time, even my friends could see the changes in me. eyebags. skin breakouts. lord, why am I constantly like this. I knew all the answers 2 my problems but yet, I'm still heading to the wrong way. I feel sick. I can't take it anymore. i hate being shouted at. being yelled at. but all of that is haunting me.

I'm now alone. depressed. lonely. and guess what? I hate telling others the way I feel. I feel it's not nice to constantly find your friends when u feel like breaking out. it is stupid, because they could not do anything to help me.

May 30, 2008

it's been a while (working period)

my life, my life. it's turning upside down. sitting here in my living room, writing my blog while listening to music. it seems nice to you right? but realitily, i doesn't. somehow, somewhere i feel alone. so empty n hollow i could feel the cold feeling trickling down my neck. i feel numb and even if i smile i cry inside.

i admit i got all the things that i wanted before. but something is missing. i got my bestfriend by my side, but still i'm not that entirely happy. i did feel happy but goshh.. i don't even know how to describe it. i need somebody i think, to put my life in place. that could lead me to a right path.

geez, talking about right path.. man.. i've been wayyy out line in my life. i did things that are not supposed to be done. daymm, this blog is not my diary. i'm telling u guys about my life and it sucks. like i'm humiliating myself falling flat on my face. but nemmind, sometimes it's nice to ventilate all your feelings right. see.. i'm talking thrash right now.

before this i could recall myself being extra creative in writing about somethingelse. but now all i could think of is writing about my life and the way i'm feeling at the moment.

hmm, i'm waiting for my friend to get back so i can have my lunch. it's been a while i did not post anything. kaka had been asking me to update my blog. katenye da berabuk blog i ni.. ha, dah lap ni. tak berabuk dah. ehe, i got no time laa sayang. keje je. where got time meh to sit and write about my feelings. k dah lah, i nak g mandi. dah pukul berapa ni. i shud get my ass off this couch and get a life rather than whining on how unlucky i am in life. GO GIRL!!

May 13, 2008


i couldn't feel myself now. i felt numb. i'm blaming myself for being so insecure, so fragile, so thin. that can be invaded by others. i'm so EASY. that's the word. people sees me a strong girl, a strong person from the outershell. but the fact is i'm so damn weak. i cried and i cried. until there's no tears left in me. now i'm feeling hopeless. nobody cares about me and what they would prefer is; listening to others making fake rumors about me. the reason? just trying to ruin others' life. i have changed. truly changed. even me, myself can't handle it. so true. that it proves me in vain. i cannot do anything right. i AM a loser.

May 10, 2008

boredom kills me mann

i'm damn bored noww.. it kills me to be this way. for one whole day i slept. and now i just woke up. i can't believe i'm a working girl right now. waking up as it is. phew, it's crazy mann. now my life started to sparks like it was never before. and not that it lead to only good things, it leads to unhealthy things too. My life is tipped over. not fully upside down yet. because i know i can put myself together and make things the way it is again. somebody's trying to correct me. I'm fully aware of my mistakes. but what will i do next? will i have the effort to correct my wrong doings? or will i continue to slip in my beautiful mistakes? oh man, i don't know. SHE told me that i will continue to do the same thing again as she was like me before. and THAT scares the hell out of me. am i that easy to be read and judged? DAMMNN.. i'm turning into someone i don't even know.somebody that is so damn selfish and i hate that fact.

April 20, 2008


sheeshh.. I'm turning into a BIATCH.. ah, i da merepek banyak sgt.enjoy konon. pegi mampos la lamb. over sangat dah. shittt man.. i've totally fucked up this time. at 1st I did things i wanted to do as a revenge of my past experience before. but i did it wrongly man.. damn wrong. damn sick! I'm like, in a whirpool of betrayal right now. trying to pull myself out before i got sucked up too deep and get tangled up in my own wrong way of enjoying myself. damn, it feels like putting urself in a blender and all my senses; my heart; is liquified to every bit you have. great.. lemme see, i got a fucking bestfriend (girl) that really2 loves me. tapi beb, aku silang die. tapi die buat tak kesah. sebab die sayang aku. does that sounds crazy to you? i did something bad beb. but she don't give a damn! now i realize guys doesn't mean anything to me. friends do! guys.guys.guys. they don't give a fuck to whom they hurt. but, before this i've got back stabbed by my girlfriends. bff. u know what i mean. and now i got another one GIRL friend that really2 trust me and i don't know what to do about it. urghhh, it feels like clawing to ur own skin. the pain is so tremendous it bites you until you're soulless. I AM a soulless fuck compared to her. I didn't thought about her feeling even for one minute before I did the mistake. and yet, she's the one who helped me out from the catastrophy. damn! damn! damn! i miss her so bad here. she's not here for the time being. she gave me strength when i was like the pathetic girl on the earth. jage i mase i saket. and she doesn't even care about herself as long she can see that I'm OK. Godamnit! guys! help me!

March 22, 2008

after work

I'm back from my flight to labuan. delayed for 1 hour. just because the flight ops cannot find a replacement for the captain. silly. now i'm too bored 2 do anytg. smore my friends are not here. it sucks to be alone. fucker lah. buat aku takde mood. but, out of nowhere, when i did the f&b service, a guy asked me if i once studied in upm. crazy, a passenger knows me. i thought he was a student there, but he has a shop near upm. hahaha. i felt funny. malu seyh. aku tak suke dikenali as a stewardess. i just want to work and earn my own money and then i cud spend it like crazy. payday. stil few days to go. i have lots of things to buy, already placarded on my brain. oh god. i'm a fuckin big spender. fuck. sheeshh.. i'm soo bored. tommorow n d day after tmrow are my off days. but nobody's in the house. great. i'll die bored out of my skull.

March 5, 2008


my's been a while i didn't post anything.things have changed. MAJOR change.from college life i'm now working my ass off and spend the money like I never did b4. but, i never felt so free ever in my life! really! omg, b4 this i've been talkin trash about me quitting my study and work. and now suprisingly, I did! super nicely done. but, somehow i'm turning into a wild biatch. maybe my working life is taking toll on me. but i'm so young and free right? who cares? i'll live my life as i wanted.

July 6, 2007

a lazy nite

It's 1:32 am, and still, I can't sleep. btw, he's adorable don't u think so? he's out with his friends right now. And here I am without him watching dvds with my cat Grey. I don't know why I put this picture here. guess I'm a lil lonely here. blech, come on lamb.. lonely?

yeah.. yeah.. I admit it. Maybe I miss him.. yeah right, I do miss him. a LOT actually. even that I did went out with him yesterday. I just can't stop missing him. blah..blah..blah, I know what u're guys thinking. but spare me your comments. I just don't need it.

I'm an insomniac, I think. I just can't sleep at night. and I can only sleep during the day. maybe I need drugs. yeah.. I need drugs to help me sleep well. Anybody? anybody knows any good sleeping pills? That surely can put me to sleep. by the way, it's my fingers are writing right now. not my brain. It's malfunctioning right now. and I bet it is, ecause I couldn't sleep right now. even after i had a glass of warm milk. it doesn't work at all. damn, it does get me want to go the toilet now.

okay, I better stop right now, or else my blog will me a diary of mine. I better sleep. ah, different days, same old SHIT.

July 5, 2007

*phew!* What a crazy night!

I just got back. Me and boyfriend went out to watch TRANSFORMERS. Damn, it was a good movie. You guys should watch it. Great action scenes, freakin cool robots, and so do the cars. Man, that was the greatest movie that I've watched this year! it's crazy! how did they made a film that was so freakin awesome? geezz..

Optimus Prime as a truck(a very niceee truck), Bumblebee as a Camaro(I want one just like that!), Jazz - a Pontiac(how cool was that?), Ironhide as a pick-up truck and last but not least Ratchet; a hummer(great one!) It was so cool when the autobots transform. So freakinnn' cool! Not to forget that annoying Frenzy the Decepticon. But it is cute though, with that squeaky voice and disguising itself as a CD player. So cute even it is not on the good guys' side. ;) but the funny thing is my boyfriend fell asleep while watching the movie. Maybe he's too tired. Poor him. He was so excited to watch the movie but he slept during the final fights between the Autobots and the Decepticons. What a waste. But I can't blame him. He's just so tired for not sleeping well. Anyway, the movie was good. Our night ended up crazy(baby, it was brave, but MAD!). So now I'm back home safely, and he went 'lepak'ing with his friends at mamak stall. And I'm here with my half-closed eyes, finishing my post for today, and yeah.. I want to sleep soon after I finished writing. Hope I get to sleep well and wake up early tommorow or else my dad will get mad at me. Bonne nuit !

July 4, 2007

It's 4am, and this is what i got

It was late at night and I couldn't sleep. So as usual I sit on the chair by my desk, and start to wander around the table if I got something to get my fingers busy. So, as u can see here. That's what I did get in return. Pathetic is it? So lame. Everytime I got a pen and a paper. That's what came out. It's not from my brain. It was from my fingers! I started drawing stupid things. Like that man with no eyes and snake-like tongue. What the hell am I thinking? The worst thing is. The phrase, is the biggest sign among others. Sick isn't it. And also, what the hell was the STOP sign's for? Man, this is the stupidest things I had ever done since all my works. I never kept my work for myself. I love giving it to people. But not this piece. I'm going to keep it as a rememberance of my stupidity. *belch* excuse me :)

July 3, 2007

I miss him

I miss him. I miss his Bambi eyes pleading to me when he wants to sleep on my lap. Whenever I'm on the couch watching tv, he always fidget itself beside me. His soft fur really made me miss him. He left us last year. He got this virus, and suddenly he's gone. I remember the day when he got so sick from the virus, and his saliva was drooling averywhere; that includes my lap. Me and my sister brought him to a vet. He got a shot and the vet told us maybe he got viruses in him but she can't do anything as he never got a shot from any vet. After that we went home, and just for half an hour of difficult breathing, he was a goner. my brother buried him at the back of our house. I didn't cry as I'm not such weenie (I did cried a bit *sniff*). But since that day, I miss him a lot. Especially today when my other cat fidget itself beside me to watch tv with me. Duh, it's only a cat. And so what? I miss him like hell!

July 2, 2007

It's been a while (sound pollution)

It's been a while now I didn't posts anything. It's just I'm so lazy to post one ;) Gosh! the pilling sounds at the back of my house does get to my nerves! Can't they be anymore louder? Making me deaf anytime sooner. hmm, my life is going upside down now. But does anyone cares about it? Maybe I'll end it sooner. Depression isn't always good. Suicide is better? Lemme see.. It's an easy choice between two. But I'm going to stick to one decision right now. And I ain't going to tell anyone about it. haha. Crazy me. hmm, my friends.. they've been supportive all the time being. But I didn't get any chance of meeting them. Ayyat, especially. Now it's almost at the end of the holiday. And I didn't get to meet her not once. Ika, she's going to continue her study oversea in September. Gosh, just a few more months to go. Seri, it's okay. I always meet her now and then. Ainnaa is going back to Malaysia anytime soon from Russia. It's been a while I didn't meet her. Anyway, Zeera is back from NZ. But still, I didn't get a chance to meet her. Maybe I'll ask my mum to drop me by her house when she's off to work. -->On the 7th of July, my school is taking part in the international Band Comp. I think so. Natra ask me to go there. So does all my school mates. Can't believe to see my juniors in the flock of the band. I'm not sure I'm going or not. But if I'm going, I'll go with my boyfriend. I want him to be with me. Well, it's just it for now. Till then.
*yawn* I hate being bored, it sucks and I hate being hated. but this is only my opinion, no one else ever seems to really care all that much what i think. oh well, we move on...